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My Craft


The trivets came out of a Thanksgiving dinner at my mother-in-law's. I had just learned how to use the lasers and was hoping to cut out my corset bodies with the laser as they consist of 4 layers of duck canvas and are rough on my hands. I kept catching the fabric on fire! So I had this cool new skill and nothing to do with it. Until that Thanksgiving. Mary whipped out 12 trivets to serve that night and it came to me like a lightening strike! I would use my paper snowflake patterns I love to cut out and translate them into files to cut out of wood to make trivets! I'd have gifts for Mary forever now! I was so clever. From there, it lead to cutting boards, keychains, coasters and then...

Looking back, It really probably started with Spirograph. I was obsessed as a kid. Maybe that's where my love of radial symmetry came from. Each of my designs is rooted in sacred geometry, architecture, nature, and a little imagination. Each design is created on Corel Draw, where I can experiment with color by filling in each layer with a representation of the dye or paint I want to use until I'm satisfied with it.

The most amazing thing about the lasers is that the possibilities are pretty much endless. Want a custom etching of your long gone dog on an ornament? You got it. A map of Middle Earth on a cutting board? I can do that. Just ask! I can probably handle it.

About Our Leather



I've been sewing for umpteen million years. Before I could sew, I taped and stapled clothes together on my dolls.

My degree is in costume design, more specifically, theatrical costuming. Curious Cat Clothing consists of me, my husband, who shleps heavy things, and several close friends who helps (wo)man the booth at conventions. I'm a full time mom to my two sons, Gabriel and Levi. When they're at school, I make Make MAKE! 

I AM A FABRIC SNOB! if it's not cotton, silk, linen, or just feels pretty, I don't want to work with it. I have 2 rooms of fabric/trim/buttons/patterns. So much fabric, in fact, that my husband and I had to build me a new studio in the basement, which is great because now I have my own room. With a door. That I can close. I can also watch Star Trek while I work now. Someday I will have to liquidate some of my fabric but until that day....IT'S MINE. MINE, I TELL YOU! MIIIINE!

I'm okay.


Sometimes, a mental condition can be an asset. For example, being OCD about perfection is to my advantage in this case! All of my shirt pockets and fronts line up exactly on every shirt. Every glue booger that doesn't belong is removed with dental tools on my wall hangings. Quality, craftsmanship, and your satisfaction are the corner stones of everything I do.

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