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All Together Again!

I am so happy to present to you my very own multi-brand website! Now you can find everything I do all in one place. I hope it's easier on everybody and that word gets out that I'm consolidating.

This has been quite a couple of years! In this time of uncertainty and isolation, I had a lot of time to rethink and reorganize what direction I wanted to take my business(es). My laser cut wood has evolved to the point that I am being asked to participate in some really lovely art shows and this has given me new perspective on my creations. Don't get me wrong- I still love to sew! But I may be easing up on my Curious Cat Clothing brand for a bit, partially due to the state of my hands (see my blog, "Psoriasis Sucks"), and partially due to the fact that I'm just a little burned out, to be honest.

I will do my best to keep up with this one website and keep stock rotating and events up to date. I am better and announcing where I'll be on my Instagram, but I will endeavor to stay current here, too.

I miss seeing you all in person at live shows and hope you are all safe, healthy, and happy. Please feel free to give me feedback on the new site as I populate it with products and work out the kinks. Thanks!

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