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The mighty gryphon is part eagle, part lion. He is proud, loyal, and strong. They make excellent guardians. He is the emblem of the house of Gryffandor from the Harry Potter book series. This trivet will vigilantly protect your precious surfaces from water and heat.


My 8" birch wood trivets are 1/2" thick and sturdy. They are treated with Danish oil to harden and seal the wood. Use them to protect your precious table or counter, or hang them on the wall as a decorative piece. They're beautiful, practical, and functional!


They make a great wedding or baby shower gift, housewarming, birthday or graduation gift.

Each trivet is designed on a computer, cut out with a powerful laser TWICE and painstakingly glued together to give you the most sturdy and pleasingly weighted final product. It's also a lovely neutral color that can go with any decor. 


All of my trivets are made to order. Please keep this in mind as processing time can take 5-10 days.

Gryphon trivet

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