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This intricate Day lily trivet is ideal for keeping your counter top and table scorch free. It is also a lovely wall decoration. 


The Day lily is a beautiful spring flower with many variations in color and shape. Different cultures assign different meanings to the day lily, but many have to do with motherhood and devotion.  Some cultures also connect it to flirtation. Day lilies are also poisonous to eat so don't let your cat near them!


My 8" birch wood trivets are 1/2" thick and sturdy. They are treated with Danish oil to harden and seal the wood. Use them to protect your precious table or counter, or hang them on the wall as a decorative piece. They're beautiful, practical, and functional!


They make a great wedding or baby shower gift, housewarming, birthday or graduation gift.

Each trivet is designed on a computer, cut out with a powerful laser TWICE and painstakingly glued together to give you the most sturdy and pleasingly weighted final product. It's also a lovely neutral color that can go with any decor. 


All of my trivets are made to order. Please keep this in mind as processing time can take 5-10 days.

Daylily trivet

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