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Morpheus, or Dream, is portrayed as both lord and personification of all dreams and fictional stories. Journalists have listed Dream among the best comic book characters of all. Dream's usual appearance is as a tall, pale man with wild dark blue-black hair. He dresses in a shapeless cloak of "night" with "flames dancing in its folds". His eyes are pools of shadows with glimmers of light within.


He is known by many names, most commonly "Morpheus". He has a long history of insensitivity towards others, and throughout The Sandman, he must come to deal with his past cruelties. He is very concerned with fulfilling his responsibilities. His sigil is his dream-helm, made from the spine and skull of a long-dead god. Although he is ultimately a heroic character, Dream is sometimes slow to understand humor, occasionally insensitive, often self-obsessed, and very slow to forgive a slight.


Sandman, by Neil Gaiman, is one of the most acclaimed and beloved comic book series in history. The depth of the stories and characters really was unique for its time when it was released in 1989 on DC's mature brand, Vertigo. Nobody knows where the Endless came from or how they came to be, but the seven siblings, Death, Dream, Destiny, Desire, Despair, Delirium (Delight), and Destruction, will all be here long after we are.


*Amusing side note for Hades fans: In Greek mythology, Orpheus is Morpheus's son, and I'm guessing that designer Greg Kasavin designed Orpheus in the image of the Sandman icon, Dream.


These laser cut birch keychains are cut individually and carefully sanded and sealed with polyurethane spray to help protect them. This keychain is approximately 2" x 2.5" and includes a 4" ball chain.

Dream of the Endless keychain

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